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Synthesis and Transport Properties of Cobalt Ferrite: A Systematic Overview


Ananga U. Naik, Santosh K. Satpathy* and Banarji Behera   Pages 1 - 9 ( 9 )


CoFe2O4, the single-phase nano crystalline materials, has potential applications in information storage, sensors and actuators. This ferrite has a tetragonal P4mm crystallographic structure and having crystallite size 42 nm. The CoFe2O4 is prepared by different techniques. The spinal structure of dielectric and hysteresis study disclosed ferroelectric nature over a broad spectrum of frequency and temperature with low dielectric loss. Based on Spinal structure phase metal oxides, a distinct range of properties became useful for different applications. Spinal structure materials have attractive characteristics in electrical conductivity, dielectric constant, dielectric loss, structural, and magnetic properties. Spinal structure materials showed efficient essential properties for photovoltaic solar cells.


Synthesis, Dielectric, Impedance, Electrical conductivity, techniques, properties.


Centurion University of Technology Management, Odisha, Centurion University of Technology Management, Odisha, School of Physics, Sambalpur University, JyotiVihar, Burla-768019, Odisha

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