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Ultra-Low Loss Mg2TiO4 Based Dielectric Ceramics for Microwave Applications: An Overview


Ranjan Kumar Bhuyan*   Pages 1 - 11 ( 11 )


For several decades, temperature stable, medium permittivity, and low loss dielectric ceramics have been used as resonators, oscillators, filters, and GPS patch antennas for microwave communication systems. Various microwave dielectric ceramics have been proposed and widely used in telecommunication industries. Among the most interesting materials of that kind, magnesium orthotitanate (Mg2TiO4) is recognized as one of the most promising low loss microwave materials, which played an important role in the field of microwave and millimeter wireless communication industry. It was found that by modifying the Mg2TiO4 compound with other materials, their microwave dielectric properties have changed tremendously. The main purpose of this review is to gather information about Mg2TiO4 - based low loss dielectrics used for microwave applications. The study also helps the researchers and technologists to get compact information for Mg2TiO4 -based compounds all over the world.


Mg2TiO4 ceramics, Microwave dielectrics, High-k dielectrics, Quality factor, Temperature coefficient of resonant frequency, Spinel compounds.


P.G. Department of Physics, Government (Auto.) College, Angul-759143, Odisha

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