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Impact of MWCNT and GF Incorporation on Optical Properties of GTS Alloy

[ Vol. 13 , Issue. 1 ]


Abhay Kumar Singh* and Tien-Chien Jen   Pages 74 - 81 ( 8 )


Aim: To address the physical properties of the growing research topic based on inorganic and organic composite materials under the glassy regime. The incorporation of a small amount of organic content in inorganic chalcogenide alloy could be an interesting topic for the investigation. Such composite materials' optical and structural properties could define their prospective use.

Objectives: Considering the prospective utility of the inorganic and organic composite materials, this report’s key goal was to demonstrate the structural and optical properties, like, absorption spectra, extinction coefficient (k), real dielectric constant (εʹ), imaginary dielectric constant (εʹʹ), refractive index (n), absorption coefficient (α) and optical energy band (Eg ) for the Se 55 Te 25 Ge 20 (GTS) alloy, Se 55 Te 25 Ge 20 +0.025% multiwalled carbon nano tubes (MWCNT) and Se 55 Te 25 Ge 20 +0.025 % bilayer graphene (GF) composites.

Methods: To synthesize the materials, a direct melt-quenched technique was adopted. Materials microstructural and UV/Visible optical absorption were performed from the Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope and UV/Visible optical spectrometer equipment’s.

Results: The obtained experimental evidences revealed that materials’ optical properties and microstructures slightly altered owing to the incorporation of multi walled carbon nano tubes and bilayer graphene in Se 55 Te 25 Ge 20 regime. To correlate the inorganic-organic material interactions, a schematic has also interpreted based on the bond formation in the solids.

Conclusion: The experimental evidences have revealed the existence of MWCNT and GF in the diffused form in GTS glassy configuration. The evidences have also revealed the diffused morphologies of the MWCNT and GF could not develop the specific structure within the complex configuration (although they have exhibited rather distinct morphologies), but they influenced the optical properties of the composite materials.


Chalcogenide, MWCNT, GF, composites, UV-Visible property, alloy.


Department of Mechanical Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg, Department of Mechanical Engineering Science, University of Johannesburg, Johannesburg

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